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Animal Cupcakes, Katjas's Cakes, Hastings East Sussex

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Although I'm based in Hastings East Sussex, yesterday I completed an order received from a London Based dog groomers, Martha's Mutts, these buttercream decorated animal cupcakes were based on photos I was sent of ten of their happy little customers. Each cupcake is a little buttercream portrait which I hope captures some of the character and charm of the dogs.

It has been a busy, traumatic weekend at Katjas's Cakes because of the fire in The Yard. The fire brigade kept us out most of the day for safety reasons, which really impacted the time I had to complete my other orders including the animal cupcakes in Hastings and a wedding cake that needed to be delivered across the border of East Sussex to Salomon's Estate Tunbridge Wells. Hopefully normality will be restored soon.

Buttercream portraits of ten dogs presented in a box
Katjas's Cakes Pet Portraits

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