People always ask us, "What do you bake?" And we always answer, "Whatever you want!" Here’s a list of our freshly baked favorite treats. If you're craving something off the menu, we’d love to whip up something special for you.

Prices on request
Mini Cupcakes includes a single floral decoration.
Bespoke Cupcakes:
Box of 4 from £20.00
Box of 6 from £27.00
Box of 12 from £48.00​​
Bespoke Celebration Cakes:
6" cake  £80.00
8" cake  £110.00
10" cake £140.00
12" cake £200.00
Wedding cakes:
Up to 60  people £450 - £500
Up to 80 £590 - £660
Up to 120 £800 - £900

Picture/Scultpure Cakes:

Prices depend on complexity of design.  

Delivery Costs We can deliver nationwide but obviously cost is dependent on time and distance, we will always try to be reasonable, call us for a quote. 

Buttercream Flavours

All decoration is done in vanilla butter-cream. 

However your cake can be sandwiched and covered in  a variety of flavours including: Vanilla, Chocolate (White and Dark), and Coffee/ Mocha. The Lemon Cream Cheese frosting is made with cream cheese and double cream. 


Cake Flavours

Our wedding cakes, bespoke cupcakes, floral cakes and picture cakes  taste home-made because that's what they are, No packets, no additives, just the best ingredients.


Vanilla: More like an American pound cake. Filled with your choice of jam and butter-cream.


Chocolate: Super chocolatey, layered with a little crunch of chocolate and chocolate genache butter-cream.


Chocolate Cherry: Cherries and chocolate a classic combination and delicious, layered with cherry jam and a rich chocolate genache butter-cream (if you want a shot of cherry brandy that can be arranged!).


Chocolate Beetroot: Beetroot makes this a sophisticated grown up chocolate cake, less sweet with a lovely rich colour.


Carrot: Our carrot cake has won a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards. Coupled with our lemon cream cheese frosting and a generous layer of  lemon curd.


Boiled Fruit Cake: A fabulous version of fruit cake, not as dense and heavy as a regular cake, but with a generous dash of whiskey and brandy. A very good choice for those of you who want a bit of twist on a classic celebration choice. You can have it with or without marzipan.


Lemon Drizzle: Made with all butter and double cream this cake is made extra zingy by the addition of our home-made lemon syrup and  lemon curd.


Coconut: Rich and moist with a satisfying crunch of coconut. Give it a tropical twist with a citrus curd or go for a traditional strawberry or raspberry jam either way thoroughly enjoyable.


Banana: We always enjoy making banana cake because the aroma is so fantastic – it's always difficult not to leave a little bit in the bowl!!


Ginger: A rich warm cake with chunks of stem ginger.


Coffee and Walnut: A classic combination of crunchy walnuts with a shot of expresso! Combined with coffee butter-cream or coffee mocha or indeed chocolate.


Boiled Orange: Intense orange flavour with almonds.


Red Velvet: This cake from southern USA is a favourite for valentine's day. A light cocoa flavoured cake with an intense red richness tradionally smothered in a cream cheese butter-cream.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Angel Cake: This is a light alternative to my richer cakes.  Made with egg-white and no butter!


Battenburg: Traditional almond cake which can be produced in a variety of colours.